Basic Instructor Course

Certified as: Basic ITLS Instructor
Prerequisites: Candidates must have successfully completed the ITLS basic provider course with an instructor potential (IP) rating: 85% or greater on the written exam; and, a good or excellent on the patient assessment testing station.
Instructor's Course: To progress from provider to instructor, a candidate must attend and successfully complete an approved ITLS Instructor's course.
Monitor Report: Before receiving an instructor card, instructor candidates must participate as faculty in an ITLS basic provider course, or deliver a basic level topic in an ITLS advanced/combined provider course, and obtain a favorable recommendation from the WV ITLS Affiliate Faculty monitoring the course.
Certified for: Three (3) years
Re-certification: The requirements for re-certification are:
Instruct  in three (3) ITLS courses during the certification period;
  • Complete the patient assessment testing station (with an excellent or good rating; and, complete the ITLS basic written exam (with a score of 85% or greater) during the certification period.